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The Americans

I’ll Be Yours

Artist:     The Americans

Album:     I’ll Be Yours

Label:     Loose Records

Release Date:     10.20.2017


Sit down and pick up a copy of I’ll Be Yours by the LA-based rock and roll band, the Americans.

There’s a tint of Southern rock and country spirit throughout, evident immediately in the first few songs. Musicians Patrick Ferris and Jake Faulkner did meet a long time ago, bonding over their love for busking, country music, and the blues. So once they got to LA and hooked up with guitarist Zac Sokolow, they got to work creating traditional, rooted American music. Their name? Perfect; no explanation needed for this clear cut, straight-forward debut album.

“Nevada” is a catchy song with honest lyrics and a great choice to kick off this release. Title track “I’ll Be Yours” is beautiful and brutal—it’s a true love story. “Hooky” turns the music up a notch or twelve and sends you straight to dive bar. Those guitar riffs won’t be out of your head any time soon; you’ll be singing this one for a while.

Overall, the Americans are on the right track with I’ll Be Yours. This album is completely worth your time and though some of the lyrics and storytelling in the songs are a bit predictable (how many more musicians are going to write songs about wanting to leave town?), there’s nothing that would stop me from listening all the way through. I’m already ready for round two.

—Brenda Hillegas


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