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Holidays, friendship and memories

L-R: Anthony Saladino, Mike McFadden, Anthony Spinnato Photo: Organic Photography

The three-man Animal Years band originated in Baltimore, but made headway in New York through dint of old-fashioned hard work and talent. The band tours relentlessly. Animal Years’ singer-songwriter-guitarist Mike McFadden says, “We started saying things like ‘Live your life in animal years.’  We try to go for it every day, like we’re gonna die tomorrow.”

Once described as “singer-songwriter music with the amps turned up,” McFadden agrees with the assessment.  “The emphasis is on the songs and the songwriting, but we’re definitely a rock band” Fittingly, they recorded Far From Home at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY.

“Constantly being on the road and having our schedule dictated by our opportunities and deadlines makes our support structure so much more important. Having friends, family, fans and loved ones that we know are supporting us when we’re far from home is like fuel to our fire. The holiday season is one of those few times a year where everyone that’s important to you comes together to have fun, catch up, and reminisce on the past. The song ‘Friends’ is all about these experiences where you can forget about everything going on in your life and just be with the people you care about.”



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