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Savoy Brown celebrates Kim Simmonds’ 70th

Iridium lights up with candles and blues

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Photos by Arnie Goodman

At the Iridium in Times Square, Kim Simmonds led his veteran band, Savoy Brown, through their classic hits like “Train To Nowhere,” “Louisiana Blues,” and “Street Corner Talking,” but they kicked off the evening with terrific numbers from their latest hot project, Witchy Feelin’, including  “Why Did You Hoodoo Me? and “Thunder, Lightening & Rain,” with more interspersed through the night.

Former Cactus  guitarist and Savoy Brown alum Jimmy Kunes sat in for a few numbers, as did  Kerry Kearny drummer Mario Staiano, who has also toured with Savoy Brown.

In an impressive lighting event, Kim’s wife Debbie presented him with a cake with so many candles it took four or five puffs to extinguish them all.  Never mind, we all got our wish for a fun night of music and as a bonus, a glow from those 70 little fires.

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