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Light of Day meets Guitar Army

"What you're supposed to do."

Photos by Arnie Goodman

Joe Robinson, Lee Roy Parnell, John Jorgenson

The Guitar Army forayed North to play B.B. King’s and APAP, but the trio made an important detour to Asbury Park, NJ, to play Bob Benjamin’s Light of Day event, to benefit Parkinson’s Disease. We caught up with Guitar Army member Lee Roy Parnell, and asked him how it went.

Lee Roy Parnell

“We met some really incredible people down there in Asbury Park, and I got to hear first-hand some of the stories of the Parkinson’s people. I got to meet Bob Benjamin, they guy who’s putting it on—I’ve had several friends who have to deal with Parkinson’s, and as you know it’s a very tough disease.
I’m glad we were able to go down there and lend a helping hand. It was a hard day, and by the time I got back to Nashville, I man, I was whipped, but it was worth it. That’s kind of what you’re supposed to do—share the love if it’s at all possible.”

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