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Max Weinberg’s Jukebox: Taking Requests

Tarrytown, where the audience decides the set list

Longtime Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band drummer, and for years the titular head of Conan O’Brien’s TV band, Max Weinberg has introduced a fun wrinkle in his shows: the audience makes requests, and his crackerjack band will play them. This night, the audience rules.

Weinberg invites the crowd to create the night’s set list from a choice of 200 songs from the glory days of rock and roll. How often have you attended a show where, despite shoutouts, the band never plays  your favorite song? On January 19 at the Tarrytown Music Hall, the Beatles, the Stones, (of course) Bruce and The E Street Band’s biggest hits plus many others will be up for grabs. In this unique approach, the crowd will yell out their choices and Max and the group will rock ‘em!

Have fun playing Amateur Musical Director with Max Weinberg’s Jukebox—this is audience participation at its most satisfying.

Get tickets to  Max Weinberg’s Jukebox at the Tarrytown Music Hall, January 19 HERE .



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