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Premiere: The Mrs have Somewhere To Go

These four wives don't play bridge—they build bridges

(L-R): Larissa Ness, Andra Liemandt, Mandy Prater, Jenny Mason

Drummer and band founder Andra Liemandt started her all-female, four-piece pop/rock band to connect with women like herself—mothers who want it all: personal relationships, careers, marriages and friendships.

Though they’re particularly timely now, in the wake of the #MeToo and Women’s March movements, but The Mrs isn’t a Janey-come-lately. The Austin-based band first introduced themselves in 2014 with their EP, ENOUGH, and released their self-titled debut album in 2017.

The band formed organically, first when Andra Leimandt picked up her first drumsticks as a mother of two; The Mrs now features Liemandt on drums, Mandy Prater on guitar/vocals, Jenny Mason on bass guitar, and Larissa Ness on keyboard/vocals.

Naturally, the Texas band related personally to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, and Liemandt told Elmore, “We wrote this song because we wanted people to know that no matter where they’re from, what they’re going through or what their background is, they are not alone. The song started with a melody and tears for our friends and loved ones who were going through tough times. Over the last few months we’ve seen it take on new meanings as other people have connected it with their own lives, from the Hurricane Harvey tragedy, to personal stories from close friends.

Life can always hit a rough patch; when it does this is a reminder that there is always somewhere to go.”

Somewhere to Go by The Mrs on VEVO.


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Look for The Mrs at SXSW hosting their Kindnesspalooza event: rocking:out for a cause.


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