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Premiere: Cole Nakoa & Treacher

Three roots, one solid tree

Brad Cole, Matt Nakoa, Robinson Treacher

We first ran into the trio of Cole Nakoa & Treacher at Folk Alliance a couple of years ago, and raced from one hotel room to another (that’s what people at Folk Alliance do) to catch them again and again. Brad Cole, Matt Nakoa and Robinson Treacher, three seemingly disparate guys, somehow form a unique and intricate whole, like a 3-D puzzle. In the years since, the trio—who all continue to pursue their solo careers—has performed all over the East Coast and now they have released their first EP. Each member  brings his own perspective, and together they produce energetic, live music that’s as powerful and engaging as any in the singer/songwriter world today.

Brad Cole, featured on this track, talked about their straightforward approach: “We just have a great time playing, that’s really where it’s at for us. We all tour on our own, but when we get together, it’s fire. We are a live band and we wanted to capture this vibe for the record.  This video is a live in studio recording, stripped down but with an undeniable energy, just like the shows.”

Photo: Laura Carbone

See for yourself.

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