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Peter Case, Los Angeles, 12 August 2015.

Case In Point

By Mike Cobb Peter Case is one of America’s greatest living singer/songwriters. In the early 1970s, he founded the seminal pre-punk band the Nerves, later went on to front the … Read more


David Bromberg Turns Back to the Blues

By Iain Patience  “Worldwide domination,” says David Bromberg when I ask what he hopes to achieve with the release of his latest album, The Blues, The Whole Blues and Nothing but … Read more

Switchfoot by Robbie Jeffers

Switchfoot Catches Another Perfect Wave

By Bylle Breaux Switchfoot’s newest creation, Where the Light Shines Through, was released July 8th this year and sold 29,000 albums in the first week. By it’s second week out, … Read more

Band of Skulls by Andy Cotterill

Elmore Interviews Band Of Skulls

  By Nick Caruso   When England’s Band of Skulls released Baby Darling Doll Face Honey in 2009, it forcibly introduced the band with a tight collection of blues-inspired rock … Read more

Bonnie Dobson by Laurie Lewis

Elmore Interviews Bonnie Dobson

  By Iain Patience    With a hand cupped to an ear the echoing whisper can almost be heard: “…Who?…Bonnie who?…Bonnie Dobson…who?” as it filters through the hall. A strange … Read more

Bob Babisch, Courtesy of Summerfest

Bob Babisch Sets Up Summerfest

  By Ali Kaufman The 2016 Festival Season is in full swing with an ever-burgeoning crop of options that cater to every kind of fan. In this increasingly competitive market, … Read more