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Robbie Robertson — Testimony


To be honest, when I first heard the press stirrings that Robertson didn’t venture beyond The Last Waltz, (Thanksgiving, ’76) in his 500 page memoir, I knee jerked. “Chickenshit.” I … Read more

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Robbie Robertson

Just like Chapter and Verse, Springsteen’s audio companion to his autobiography, Robertson’s Testimony might leave you asking why this song and not that one. It doesn’t matter really, especially when … Read more


Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough

It’s all about chemistry translating to an intimate, passionate, smooth soulful groove.  On this, their third album together, the two decided to use both names, for the first time, as … Read more


Jesse Colin Young

Forever linked to the Youngbloods and their ubiquitous, late ‘60s anthem, “Get Together,” Jesse Colin Young, the legendary group’s lead singer, was also a prolific solo artist. Taking the smash … Read more


Mike Watt

Jammin’ econo all the way, bass legend Mike Watt was eager to shake the rafters at Chicago’s Metro club in 1995 in support of his star-studded debut solo effort, Ball-Hog … Read more

Jemima James

Jemima James

In 1979 when Jemima James was a young woman, she recorded a folk album at Longview Farm, a recording studio that launched projects from big-name artists like The Rolling Stones … Read more


Stevie Nicks

Born from Buckingham Nicks, prospering in Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks’ music has always been the epitome of the quintessential flower child, all incense, patchouli and wide-eyed sentiment. When she opted … Read more


Taj Mahal

If you visit Taj Mahal’s website, you’ll be greeted with a black and white image of the Blues Hall of Famer in a Hawaiian print shirt, guitar in hand, with … Read more