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Toronzo Cannon by Joe Rosen

2016 Pennsylvania Blues Festival

Photos by Joseph A. Rosen and Martin Goettsch  They should rename it “the candy store festival” said a fan, amazed by the quality of the (“all killer, no filler”) acts and … Read more

stephen bishop

Stephen Bishop

He comes off like music’s Caspar Milquetoast, but Stephen Bishop’s lyrical sentimentality and vulnerability makes him accessible time and time again. After all, that’s what kept Art Garfunkel and Phil … Read more


Vicious Petals

Vicious Petals’ newly released album, Main Street Lights, is a mixture of energetic piano melodies, ardent vocals and contrasting musical backgrounds. Ayako Okano (piano, organ, keyboards) was born in Japan and … Read more


AMA Highlights: Martin Sexton at City Winery

Martin Sexton more than made up for a somewhat lackluster Saturday night at the Americana Music Association’s Annual conference. Mightily armed with a guitar and his spectacular vocals, Sexton delivered … Read more

Ringwood Reccords, Lou Caimano, Eric Olsen, DYAD Plays Jazz Arias, Jazz, Album Reviews

Eric Olsen & Lou Caimano

Gershwin, Duke, Gil Evans… the group of jazz artists who have successfully blended the New World’s true musical gift to the Old World’s classical rep is a small, yet daunting, … Read more

Gene Ess, Absurdist Theater, Jazz, Album Reviews, SIMP Records

Gene Ess

Since 2013, guitarist and composer Gene Ess has been focusing on writing and performing music that emphasizes using the human voice as an instrument in a small jazz quintet setting. … Read more

The Beatles, Eight Days A Week, Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Reissues, Album Reviews

The Beatles

The fact that some skeptics dismissed the Fab Four as a second-rate live band is easily disputed by this new-to-CD collection of the only officially sanctioned live music recorded by … Read more

Backtrack Blues Band, Blues, Album Reviews, Way Back Home, Blues

Backtrack Blues Band

It’s about time you all get to know Sonny Charles and the Backtrack Blues Band. The first track of an album can tell you a lot about a band and … Read more