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Whiskey Shivers


Whiskey Shivers has its most obvious roots in bluegrass, but it’s not a niche so much as a jumping-off point. Fiddle, banjo and harmonica get used in familiar ways and … Read more

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Harold Little 

Music is a vehicle for us to go deeper and reflect, enabling one to go to a special place to gain insight, to feel and know what is beyond words … Read more

Susan Cattaneo

With the Hammer & the Heart we have a double-disc release from one of the lyricist lynchpins of the recent Nashville TV series. Susan Cattaneo marks her fourth release with … Read more

Ray Wylie Hubbard

While this may not be officially a trilogy of albums, it would certainly qualify musically and almost so thematically. You could listen to The Grifter’s Hymnal, Ruffian’s Misfortune, and this … Read more

The Yawpers

Trench warfare was ugly, nasty business in World War I, what with all the barbed wire, poison gas, endless mud and soul-crushing disillusionment. Transported to battle-scarred France circa 1914-18, the … Read more

Eli Cook

A blues singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer, Eli Cook has been hailed as the best blues singer of his generation. His honest unique blend of contemporary and old-school styles … Read more

Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer

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Mick Wall

As an internationally famous group with a career spanning 20-plus years, Foo Fighters are prime candidates for the rock bio treatment. However, if you’re a fan of Foo Fighters the … Read more