Peter Case, Los Angeles, 12 August 2015. Top Story

Peter Case


  Peter Case is originally from Buffalo, NY, but currently resides in one of the foggier corners of San Francisco, where he moved in the early ‘70s to pursue a … Read more

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Anna Ash

Anna Ash blends ethereal vocals, folk leanings and soft jazz with singer/songwriter lyrics and emotional vocal inflections into the honey sweet concoction that is Floodlights. Channeling the likes of Norah … Read more


Otis Redding

I’m not a great fan of many ‘F’ words save for the ubiquitous, essential four-letter variant, but this sixty-four track, six-disc release is simply stunning, fantastic, fabulous fun, fun, fun. … Read more

Blood Orange by Jason Nocito

Blood Orange

  A couple of Saturdays ago, overpriced well whiskey in hand, I found myself inching closer to the railing of the third floor balcony of Terminal 5, and happened to … Read more


Mississippi Heat

It’s hard to believe that Pierre Lacoque, harmonica player for Mississippi Heat, has been a bandleader for traditional Chicago blues for 25 years already. With an evolving cast of members … Read more


Last of the Mississippi Jukes

The timing for this release couldn’t be better; in this bitter, ugly, acrimonious election season, it shows us how we can really get along so much better. It’s a detailed … Read more


Miles Davis Quintet

With its false starts, rehearsal reels and studio chatter, this latest installment of the revelatory Miles Bootleg Series may not be as exciting to listen to as its four hot-shit … Read more



Retitle this release How Chrissie Got Her [Musical] Moxie Back. Even though “Alone Song” is the first track on this latest tour de force under the Pretenders banner, it is the … Read more


Hamish Anderson

Another publication put into words much better than this writer can why so many blues-rock albums escape notice. “From ponytails to tortured “guitar face” expressions to chord progressions everyone has … Read more


The Security Project

Stage two of the Security Project is finished. Still on the job, celebrating the recorded works of Peter Gabriel, this assembly of progressive-rock luminaries apparently decided that just one concert … Read more