Album Reviews

Samantha Fish

The career of singer, songwriter and guitarist Samantha Fish has had more hairpin turns than a roller coaster ride. After making a name for herself churning out no-nonsense electric blues … Read more

Blitzen Trapper

Like an old, rundown cabin slowly decaying in the woods, 2008’s Furr is a somewhat forgotten classic of literate, modern Americana. Acclaimed as one of that year’s best records by … Read more

Bob Dylan

Not one to be pinned down by yesterday, Bob Dylan has changed almost everything in his life at least once, more often twice. Starting with his name and birthplace, Dylan’s … Read more

Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman

This is a truly extraordinary release featuring two now iconic acoustic instrumentalists. Twelve tracks that zing with astonishing virtuosity and the kind of picking most can only dream of. Dawg, … Read more

Chris Daniels and the Kings

Do you like blues? Are you a fan of horns? If you’re looking at this album (or this Website) at all, chances are you don’t even need to ask. Rest … Read more

Roy Orbison

Unquestionably one of the great vocalists of the 20th Century, Roy Orbison gave us some of the most moving rock and roll anyone will ever experience. Neil Young may have needed the … Read more

The Original Blues Brothers Band

New material meets old tunes on The Last Shade of Blue Before Black, the newest release from a band that has been traveling the road in one form or another … Read more

Steve Hunter

Steve Hunter’s name might not be instantly recognizable, but the sound of his guitar is familiar to anyone raised on ‘70s rock. Whatever you might have thought of Alice Cooper’s … Read more

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt moved from a ranch in Tucsan, Arizona to LA in the 1960s, bent on becoming a singer. Out in the unfashionable Valley, playing at the cowboy-truckers-and-country music Palomino … Read more

Woody Guthrie

To say that this box set from the Bear Family is comprehensive, would be like saying the Rockefeller family can spare a dime. Or as Ed McMahon used to say … Read more