Album Reviews

Little Steven

As summer approaches, we get a big blast of that Jersey Shore rock ‘n’ soul with horns from Little Steven, his first solo album in almost two decades. Bruce’s sidekick … Read more

The Steel Woods

Not to be confused with The Steel Wheels, Steeldrivers, Steelism or other bands that have similar names, this is the debut album from this Nashville-based rock band, The Steel Woods. … Read more

John Nemeth

Timing John Nemeth’s new release around the Blues Music Awards was a smart move. The nominee of the coveted B.B. King Entertainer of the Year Award is certainly hot right … Read more

Sara Petite

San Diego’s Sara Petite has delivered her favorite and most personal work to date with this, her fifth studio album. Although she’s gained some recognition in Americana circles, she is … Read more

Selwyn Birchwood Band

Selwyn Birchwood is a relative newcomer to the blues scene but a guy who is fast making his mark with a growing trail of top-dollar albums under his belt since … Read more

The Mastersons

The Mastersons’ debut on Red House signals a shift in sound, as the husband and wife duo move even deeper into gorgeous harmony in a quieter, albeit slightly darker, setting. … Read more

Paul Weller

This is UK punkster-cum-of-age-rocker Paul Weller again claiming his rightful place as an ever- interesting musician with a penchant for taking the music by the scruff of the neck and … Read more

Chastity Brown

The latest ten-track release from blues-soul singer Chastity Brown is an excellent, infectious offering that absolutely rolls and rocks along from start to finish like a high-powered Nascar special on … Read more

Various Artists

It’s almost ironic that Big Star is finally getting the belated kudos they so deserve. While their first two albums never had the benefit of extensive distribution or the wider … Read more

Joshua James

Joshua James has been quietly building a strong repertoire for himself over the past decade. Wading your way through his discography is a fascinating journey, and the introspective tendencies on … Read more