Album Reviews

Michael Jackson

Technically, the King of Pop may not be making new music, but release of his blockbuster recordings will find their way to fans old and new for the foreseeable future. … Read more

Nick Nicely

Arriving in 1982 to almost no fanfare, “Hilly Fields” was the product of the M.C. Escher-like mind of British psych-pop surrealist Nick Nicely. Rattling out metallic, drum-machine patterns in a … Read more

Tommy Castro

Tommy Castro thought long and hard about the roots of his quarter-century-in-the-making, might-as-well-be-patented sound as he prepared for his 10th studio album. That resulted in an hour of his best … Read more

Mitch Woods

This is a simply wonderful album, truly excellent for the most part. Mitch Woods is a hugely talented, explosive pianist with a fine, tenor voice and a rollicking, rolling sense … Read more

Bette Smith

There is perhaps no bigger struggle in an artist’s heart than the battle to find both self-expression and parental love. R&B singer Bette Smith found her gift at age five, … Read more

Jack Tempchin

This is a subtly superb release from a guy who will always be associated with and known for his song-writing with one of modern music’s hugely successful US bands, the … Read more

Chris Hillman

“The times, they are a-changin’,” and “To everything, there is a season.” Fundamental aspects of life by Bob Dylan, and from the Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes. Phrases that ring of … Read more

Chelsea Williams

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Chelsea Williams released her debut album for the Blue Élan music label. Boomerang spotlights Williams’ tantalizing vocal skills, with musical accents reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland” and … Read more

Scott Ellison

Good Morning Midnight, Scott Ellison’s latest release on Red Parlor Records, was produced by co-songwriter Walt Richmond, who is known for his studio work with Eric Clapton, JJ Cale and … Read more