Book Reviews

Brian Wilson – I am Brian Wilson

Now we know, with startling clarity and almost painful candor, that all those glorious songs that made this tenement kid dream of sand, sun, bikinis, and all the pacific horizon … Read more

Tim English – Sounds Like Teen Spirit

In the newest edition of Sounds Like Teen Spirit…, author Tim English, a major authority on plagiarism in pop music, examines and dissects songs that appear to have ripped off … Read more

Andy Partridge

I can’t vouch for Andy Partridge as a person because he seems certainly cool enough and doesn’t hog the headlines with either genius or scandal, but he is one of … Read more

Sheree Homer – Dig That Beat!

If you’re old enough to have been listening to the radio in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, you probably heard songs like Dodie Stevens’ “(Tan Shoes and) Pink Shoelaces” … Read more