Film Reviews


New Orleans Music in Exile

Noted blues and jazz film maker, Robert Mugge, and fellow producer, Diana Zelman, examine the effects of Katrina on the soul of New Orleans – its musicians that are vital … Read more


Bryan Adams

A youthful, shit-eating grin plastered across his boyish face, popular Canadian songsmith Bryan Adams must have felt like a conquering hero. There he was, simply clad in a t-shirt and … Read more



Cue the streamers, along with a blizzard of confetti. This is Las Vegas after all, and AOR giants Styx are about to close a glitzy, hit-filled performance in style with … Read more


The Everly Brothers

Ike Everly, respected folk and country entertainer and guitar master, realizes that his young sons blend their heavenly voices as only siblings can. He later features them on his radio … Read more


Last of the Mississippi Jukes

The timing for this release couldn’t be better; in this bitter, ugly, acrimonious election season, it shows us how we can really get along so much better. It’s a detailed … Read more


The Beach Boys

Falling in love with the sublime Pet Sounds wasn’t so simple in the mid-1960s. Though indescribably beautiful and alluring, she was complicated, unlike the simple hit songs about cars, surfing … Read more


Neil Young

Neil Young’s never been known for being predictable. A veritable musical chameleon, he has defied expectations repeatedly throughout his 50 year career merely by following his own muse. With few … Read more