Buxton Power Wristlet

The family I babysit for has taken to calling me Mary Poppins. I wish I could say that I earned the nickname because of my angelic singing voice and magical … Read more

Naztech N760 Wireless Headset

The Naztech N760 Elite wireless Bluetooth headset is a full-featured telephone headset that is surprisingly easy to set up and use. For those who get calls from multiple phones (the … Read more

Three Cool IK Multimedia Products

By Jonny Rosch After spending six years at Harvard Law School, and then another eight years at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, it started to become apparent to me that … Read more

Edwina Microphone | Ear Trumpet Labs

Synopsis: Good looks never sounded so good. Remember Whitney Houston’s performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV? She was a beautiful woman and her performance that day … Read more

RIVA Turbo X Bluetooth Speaker

Choosing a speaker isn’t as easy for Elmore Executive Director Arnie Goodman as most of us. First and foremost an audiophile, for Goodman, the sound has to be extraordinary, period. … Read more

SpiderPro Camera System

Laura Carbone photos by Jerry Cadieux Product photos courtesy of SpiderPro By Laura Carbone As one of the staff photographers for Elmore Magazine, I shoot live music from narrow, cramped photo … Read more

iRig BlueTurn Debuts Today

IK Multimedia has unveiled a nifty new page turner, made for musicians but useful for any performer or lecturer working from notes. This Bluetooth page turner lets users turn pages and … Read more