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Trivia: July/August 2014


Questions: In addition to his work with the Beatles and his solo music career, John Lennon devoted much of his time to non-musical art projects, ranging from sketching to prose … Read more

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Trivia: May/June 2014

Questions: In 1966, the Lovin’ Spoonful recorded “Nashville Cats.” Given one key lyrical reference to a certain record label and studio, what city should actually have been in the song’s … Read more

Trivia: March/April 2014

QUESTION: In the previous issue of Elmore, we listed the names of musical artists who are actively performing at age 70 and beyond. This year, 2014, marks that 70-year milestone … Read more

Trivia: November/December 2013

QUESTIONS: As 1963 rolled into 1964, the US was changing, to say the least, and popular music reflected the mood of the country. After John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. … Read more

Trivia: November/December 2013

QUESTION: A long time ago but not so far away, a “single” record came on a disc with two sides. The A side was the song destined, if lucky, for … Read more

Trivia: September/October 2013

QUESTION 1: Americana music has been enhancing our listening experience for as long as rock music has existed—even if we didn’t realize it. The music of Wilco, Chris Thile, the … Read more

Trivia: July/August 2013

QUESTION: Stephen Stills’ career has spanned 50 years. As a solo artist and as singer, writer and guitarist for Buffalo Springfield, CSN, CSNY and Manassas, he has played to innumerable … Read more

Trivia: May/June 2013

In 1860, the first known recording of the human voice—a ten second performance of the folk song, “Au Claire de la Lune”—was made in France. Around 1888, the recording of … Read more

Trivia: March/April 2013

The marriage of rock ‘n’ roll and the folk troubadours in the mid-1960s gave birth to a new sort of performer known as the singer/songwriter. Following in the footsteps of … Read more

Trivia: January/February 2013

QUESTION 1: Bands come and bands go. Sometimes they change personnel for a variety of reasons, including the loss of a member through illness or death. In 1969, Little Feat … Read more