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Myron Walden – Countryfied

Myron Walden – Countryfied (Demi Sound)

Down home, southern, twangy—these are terms that people might use after hearing saxophonist Myron Walden’s latest CD. Well, he took some initiative, letting listeners know what to expect, by calling his album Countryfied. A departure from his previous ambitious efforts, the In This World series and his Momentum project, Walden goes back in time for… [read more]

Eric Clapton – The 1960’s Review

Eric Clapton – The 1960’s Review (DVD) (Sexy Intellectual)

In Holy Scripture, Saul of Tarsus persecuted the Christians. One day, while on the road to Damascus, Saul received his calling to praise the Good News, thus becoming St. Paul. If we’re all born to do one thing, the calling comes and we ride that “road to Damascus.” For Eric Clapton, that moment, as described… [read more]