#35 November/December 2009

#35: November/December 2009
Cover Photo by Jim Marshall


Worth a Thousand Words: Like other photographs, music photography tells stories. In music, the stories are often more complex and closer to our own hearts. Renowned music photographers and our up-and-coming photographers alike tell us what to look for in a good photograph. Stop, look and learn—from the very best


Matthew HelminskiFrom the Photo Editor: Matthew Helminski has edited our photography from Day One. A look forward

Goodbye: Several notable new members of the Heavenly Band

Influences: Jim McCarty & DJ FontanaKickin’ in Your Stall: Like John Wayne, Carl Gustafson believes a man is only as good as his word. Or is it vice-versa? Find out where to shove all those contracts

Influences: DJ Fontana, the man (literally) behind Elvis, and Jim McCarty, the Yardbird behind Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, talk about high school bands and other Influences

Pet Sounds: Ali Green’s Flavors-of-the-Month bands are younger than usual

What’d I Say: Jim Hynes goes looking for where the girls are, and actually finds ’em. That devil!

On the Record: Devendra Banhart’s brush with mass-appeal, Watermelon Slim’s slide through country, John Fogerty traipses through classics, Ten Years After rocks a newer guitar, Bryan Sutton smokes bluegrass and Delbert McClinton marches straight into the heart

Ear Candy: Rodrigo y Gabriella. ¿How do you say “Pump Me Up” in Spanish?

Re.Issues: Urban poet Sixto Rodriguez finally surfaces with a reissue. The 4-CD LA Nuggets contains more psychedelic LA music than the FDA recommends, but what do they know? Cass, Woody, Miles and Elvis take encores

Get a Grip: Steve Walbridge gets sentimental! We have it in writing

Collecting: Music photography books. Arnie Goodman offers up a selection of stunning visuals to match the music

Also Appearing: Riverfront, Rhythm & Roots, Lollapalooza and Pitchfork festivals offer weekends of fun for all who venture out of the house, while Deep Purple DVD and Led Zeppelin photo book provide entertainment for stay-at-homes

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