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Chrissie O’Dell & One Hot Mess – If I Had a Dime (Dime Time)




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Chrissie O'Dell - If I Had a DimeChrissie O’Dell burst onto the music scene like a shot out of nowhere to rave reviews. O’Dell delivers blues with a heartfelt, deep and sexy voice. She has certainly paid her dues—growing up, her living room had a drum set in place of a couch.

Her self-produced album, If I Had a Dime, without big backing or promotion, has achieved the nearly impossible feat of receiving frequent radio airplay, charting as high as #5 on the Sirius/XM Bluesville station.

The opening title track has a hook that sticks with you all day, punctuated by the searing hot guitar of John Bendy. “Simple Kind of Woman” is a smoking blues number on which O’Dell uses her in-your-face lyrics to taunt and tease, highlighting her superb songwriting. “I Miss You” and “Sleep All Day” are slow, gut-wrenching numbers on which O’Dell shows she can really sing with soul. “Hot Potata” is a funky tune, educating the “gals” on how to drop their man. Chrissie is the real “O’Deal!”

—Ken Shankman

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