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Ingram Hill – Look Your Best (ROCK RIDGE)




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Ingram Hill – Look Your BestFrom an opening vocal salvo of “whoa-oh, whoa-oh,” you can’t help but be sucked into Ingram Hill’s catchier than the common cold sing-along choruses and knack for sweet hooks on their latest, Look Your Best. The Memphis-based band, now on a reputable indie (Rock Ridge) after a couple of records on the Disney-owned Hollywood imprint sounds like they’re throwing off those corporate shackles, revealing a comfortable level of songwriting and musical confidence.

Since 2004’s melodically rich June’s Picture Show, Ingram Hill has walked the line between appealing to the post-teenage market and adult contemporary—they’ve toured with acts as diverse as Hanson and Hootie & the Blowfish. Look Your Best appeals to both palates with textured modern rock sensibilities (“Broken Lover,” with the aforementioned “whoa-oh”), rocks hard with big, arena-ready vocal harmonies (“Lady Grey”) and gets passionate in an almost nu-country mode (“Miss Kennedy”).

Ingram Hill is a crowd pleaser. Any one of the album’s ten tracks would indeed deliver a rush of blood to the head live.

—Mark Uricheck

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