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Weezer – Hurley (Epitaph)




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Weezer - HurleyNow nearing ten releases, alt-pop group Weezer, led by the slyly geeked-out Rivers Cuomo, has hit an unmatched musical peak with Hurley. Though the cover is adorned with the warm, smiling face of actor Jorge Garcia, who played the loveable Hurley on the TV series Lost, the songs here are anything but misplaced.

Now, on Brett Gurewitz’ Epitaph label, the snarling guitars meld perfectly with Cuomo’s vocals, bells, whistles and subject matter. Right from opener “Memories,” with its jet-fueled guitar work and absolutely angelic lead and backing vocals, perfection pours out and continues on the self-examination of “Trainwrecks” and the timely “Smart Girls.” Hurley manages to surpass itself with each cut.

Other surprises and standouts include the Mac Davis co-written power ballad “Time Flies,” “Where’s My Sex?” and the heart-stopping “Hang On.” Frankly, there’s not a bad song on this album, and it’s one Hurley himself might’ve wished to have on his iPod when that plane took its final dive.

—Tom Hallett

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