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Paul Simon Says Reunion With Garfunkel Unlikely

Paul Simon has spent the last few years revisiting his history, most recently with his live performances of his classic album Graceland. However, there are some places in the past that the singer/songwriter is less than willing to re-visit.

In an interview on BBC 4’s Today radio broadcast, Simon dismissed talk of a possible reunion with former musical partner Art Garfunkel, saying that he “would just as soon not go back and visit the past.” Simon cited problems that Garfunkel has had with his vocal chords as an impediment to a reunion, saying that it was a “moot point unless [Garfunkel] can sing.”

Previously, Garfunkel had told the broadcast that he would be up for making another record with Simon, but he qualified the statement by saying that it “takes two to tango” and that “you’d need to remember to bring in the psychiatrist as the third member.

Simon also discussed the controversy behind the recording of Graceland, saying that he was unaware of the cultural boycott of South Africa in the 1980s and that he went there “because that’s where the musicians were.” An expanded reissue of Graceland is due out later this year. Given that Simon and Garfunkel have reunited multiple times after their 1970 breakup, it’s possible that this latest denial isn’t the death knell for the folk-pop duo.

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