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ELMORE #51 PREVIEW: Jack White at Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)

Photo by Arnie Goodman

Check out this preview of Elmore Magazine #51, in which staff writer Will Morley recaps Jack White’s performance at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City:

With his album Blunderbuss debuting at number one in both the USA and UK, it’s no surprise that both of Jack White’s shows at the Roseland Ballroom completely sold out. On the second night, White strode confidently onstage to an urgent drum solo and a rapturous crowd. Bedecked in a powder-blue suit and looking somewhere between the insouciantly-tailored Nick Cave and a member of Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 News team, White blitzed into “Sixteen Saltines,” his guitar whinnying like a horse being broken in, a powerful beginning to an evening of lightening garage-blues that solidified White’s reputation as a musician of endless capacity.

As if his status as one of the best contemporary guitarists alive wasn’t enough, White was also enviably surrounded and supported by a coven of beautiful women, each strong enough to hold a concert on her own talents alone, together resplendent as the Peacocks. Each member was given a spot to show off her impressive skills. Grammy-nominated vocalist Ruby Amanfu belted out resposts within “Love Interruption” like Tina to White’s Ike, and fleshed out “Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground” to enormous proportions. White Stripes classic “Hotel Yorba” was performed as a hoedown hootenanny with Lillie Mae Rische giving a spellbinding fiddle accompaniment to the crowd’s astonished amusement. 

Read an expanded version of Will’s review in Elmore Magazine #51, coming to newsstands this month!

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