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Beck Releases New Album As Sheet Music


Photo by Cassidy Turbin

There have been strange album releases in the past: The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka came out as four CDs that had to be played simultaneously, and Jack White released a single that could only be obtained if you found one of several balloons released from the Third Man Records store in Nashville. However, Beck may have them all beat this time. The eccentric singer/songwriter will be releasing his new album, Song Reader, in December…as sheet music.

The album (is it an album? I guess it technically counts as an album) will be released through the literary journal McSweeney’s, and it will consist of 20 songs and accompanying artwork by Marcel Dzama, as well as a foreword from Beck himself that, hopefully, will explain the intent behind releasing an album like this.

How will the songs sound? McSweeney’s is leaving that up to you. The website plans to feature reader-recorded versions of the songs on their website.

And the songs will be notated for ukelele, in case you were wondering.

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