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New Video Premiere for Joey Ramone’s “New York City”

In the new video for Joey’s Ramone’s “New York City,” filmmaker Greg Jardin brings Ramone back (along with scores of other celebrities and strangers) to the streets of NYC. Employing stop-motion film-making and over 100 random people, the video playfully moves through the city, making use of the numerous references to landmarks which Ramone makes in the lyrics. It’s so New York that you can practically smell the garbage through the screen. And for once, it’s a good thing. The video’s guests include Tommy Ramone, chef Anthony Bourdain, musicians Andy Shernoff, Andrew WK, Reggie Watts, the Drums, photographer Godlis, the Ramones’ producer Ed Stasium, 30 Rock’s Scott Adsin, John Lutz, and Kristen Scaal and Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh, among many many others. You can hear more of the late great punk-rocker come November. A deluxe version of Ramone’s last solo album …Ya Know? will be coming out November 23rd.

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