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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Release New Video for “Bag of Bones”

jonspencerbluesexplosion2012-e1340635005700If you haven’t listened to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s latest album, Meat and Bone, then you’re missing your daily dosage of vintage garage rock, funk and general badassery. Meat and Bone has got the types of songs that you have to brawl to. These guys strut through town, throw a few punches and swig their whiskey, all while throwing out some heavy riffs on the guitar. If you don’t believe it, check out the band’s video for “Bag of Bones” off of Meat and Bone. The only thing that can rival the testosterone-packed swagger of the lyrics is the swagger of the animated band members in the video. Stylized in classic cut-and-paste animation, the colorfully eclectic collage of a video shows the trio going through town and making a ruckus, all while Jon Spencer sings “I’m an old bag of bones but believe I get down!” And we definitely don’t doubt him. By the end, you’re left shaking until all you are is just—you guessed it—a bag of bones. You can check out the video for “Bag of Bones” below.

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