An Evening With The Monkees – Beacon Theater (New York, NY)

mainArriving via the “Last Train To Clarksville” and departing 90 minutes later to “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” the Monkees’ musical family circus made this final stop on its’ coast-to-coast, 12-date, sold-out tour. Multi-generational fans dug classic tracks(“I’m A Believer,” “Stepping Stone,” “Mary, Mary”)and dyed-in-the-wool-hat fanatics had their minds blown by heady and heavy doses from Headquarters and HEAD. Even jonesing Davy addicts were fixated with several film segments and an inspired “Day Dream Believer” sing-along.

The monkeyshines began immediately as Circus Boy-cum-ringmaster Micky introduced “the inscrutable Mr. Peter Tork” who introduced “the ineffable Mr. Dolenz” who then introduced “the indecipherable Mr. Michael Nesmith” who referenced previous shows saying “I liked incomprehensible.” Tork’s hippy “Can You Dig It?” and trippy “Long Title”were zippy. “For Pete’s Sake” segued cleverly into “Early Morning Blues And Greens.”  Dolenz soared vocally on “Porpoise Song,” “As We Go Along,” and his scatological “Randy Scouse Git” and scatalogical “Goin’ Down.”

A proud Papa Nez beamed joyfully, triumphantly, after the Monkees triumvirate Justusfiably performed three of his compositions: “You Told Me” rocked steadily, “Sunny Girlfriend” shined brightly, “You Just May Be The One” showcased Peter’s bass, Micky’s tricky drumming, and great harmonies. “Sweet Young Thing,” “Circle Sky,”and “Daily Nightly” (featuring Nesmith’s hilarious Moogish vocalizations throughout!) were show-stopping highlights.

– Dennis McDonough

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