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Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck to Lead Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

Brian Wilson Jeff Beck Rock and Roll Fantasy CampThere are regular camps, the sad, oppressive places where busy parents send their snotty kids over the summer, and then there are fantasy camps, those havens of awesomeness that were limited to our childhood imaginations. Guess which category the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp fits under? And forget the annoying, overly perky counselors. At this year’s Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck will be your counselors.

Held at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino from April 18-21, the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp teaches campers about songwriting and performance through the expertise of famous musicians. The Beach Boys co-founder and the famous guitarist will be giving their tips. The campers will be working on and recording music, and they will also get to perform at MGM Grand’s Rouge Lounge at the end of the four-day camp. They’ll also get a private performance from Wilson.

This won’t be the only fantasy camp this spring. There’s another one starting next week with Sammy Hagar and Steve Vai. That camp will be held March 5-9. The Def Leppard Fantasy Camp, featuring Rick Savage, Joe Elliot, Rick Allen, Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell, will be from April 4-7. You can find out more information about the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp on their website.

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