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Fleetwood Mac Will Premiere New Songs On Tour

Fleetwood Mac interview tour new songsFleetwood Mac are hitting the road this year, ostensibly in support of the deluxe reissue of their mega-selling classic album Rumours. However, fans going out to see the band may be treated to an unexpected surprise: a number of new songs from the band.

In an interview with Billboard, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood said that the band have been working on a number of new songs, some of which they intend to play on tour this year. However, the band were quick to note that a new album isn’t quite in the works yet.

“Big, long albums don’t seem to be what everyone wants these days,” said Nicks. “So we thought, ‘Well, let’s go the other route,’ because [Buckingham] was adamant that we have some new material.”

The band also promised to keep writing new songs–as long as people still wanted to hear them. “If we get that feeling that people do want to hear another 10 songs, then we’ll reassess,” Nicks said.

You can watch the entire interview with the band in the video below:

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