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Jim James Unveils New Video for “A New Life”

f533db37Jim James is opening some doors and starting off with a new life. And we’re not just talking about the music. Sure, there are the new sounds of his latest album, Regions of Light and Sound of God. But then there’s also this video, which definitely shows something new. James’ new album frolics into a world of psychedelia. Introspective and spirited, “A New Life” gambols and revels in its own lighthearted mystery. And the video definitely matches. The video starts out with James just playing his guitar alone in a dark room. But as he sings, “Hey open the door/I need a new life,” he opens a door and walks out into a rural setting. There he meets a dancing buffalo-headed woman and gains a posse of female dancers very swankily dressed in suits and hats. He continues to open door after door, each time meeting the buffalo woman. We’re pretty sure it’s a metaphor, but you can see for yourself. In his review of Jim James’ Regions of Light and Sound of God, Steve Matteo said, “There is a timelessness to this music that makes this an album you’ll want to return to again and again.” You can watch James’ video for “A New Life” below, and you can check out the rest of Matteo’s review in the March/April issue of Elmore, coming out soon.

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