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Production Starts on Jim Morrison Documentary

220px-Jim_Morrison_1969It’s that time again—yet another musician will be hitting the big screen. This time, Jim Morrison is the one who’s headed to Hollywood. The new independent documentary, Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age, has started production. The film will examine the life of the popular Door singer up until his death in July 1971 at the age of 27. Before the End will include previously unseen home movies and photograph, as well as interview with Morrison’s family and friends. Before he was the face on the posters hanging in the dorm rooms of hipsters everywhere, he was the mysterious poet and charismatic frontman of one of the most iconic bands of the late ‘60s and ‘70s. So even though the star died at a young age, it makes sense that so many have clung on to his image, even after his death. This is not the first documentary made on Morrison or the Doors. Mr. Mojo Risin’: The Story of L.A. Woman, a documentary about the Doors’ last album with Morrison, came out in January of last year.

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