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Andrew Stockdale Ends Wolfmother, Plans Solo Album

Wolfmother Andrew Stockdale break upHard-rock revivalists Wolfmother are done, according to lead singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale. The Australian rock band, which in recent years had become primarily a vehicle for Stockdale, will come to a halt as Stockdale attempts to pursue rock star success under his own name.

In an interview with Billboard, Stockdale said that he no longer felt “comfortable” playing under the Wolfmother name, especially after drummer Chris Ross and bassist Myles Heskitt left the band in 2009. “Because of the success of the name, there was pressure then to call myself Wolfmother. But it felt weird.”

Just because Stockdale is done with the Wolfmother moniker doesn’t mean that he’s done with music, though. The singer has been hard at work on his first official solo album, Keep Moving, set for release on June 7th. The first single off of the album, “Long Way To Go,” comes out on April 26th.

Wolfmother will play one final show with Aerosmith in their native Australia on April 28th.

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