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Levon Helm Documentary Premiering This Month

Levon HelmIt’s been almost a year since the death of the ever-talented, ever-charming and ever-colorful singer/drummer of the Band, Levon Helm. The musician will be celebrated in a new documentary, Ain’t in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm, which will make its theatrical debut this month, on the first anniversary of Helm’s death. Ain’t in It for My Health will premiere at N.Y.’s Cinema Village before opening up in select cities. The documentary takes a step back to three years ago and follows Helm as he wrote and recorded 2010’s Electric Dirt. Director Jacob Hatley shot the film over a two-year span, starting with Helm’s release of 2007’s Dirt Farmer. “Jacob was the perfect fly on the wall for many months as we experienced the ups and down of a wonderful time in all our lives,” musical director Larry Campbell said in a statement. Ain’t in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm makes its debut on April 19. Levon Helm died of throat cancer on April 19, 2012 in New York. He was 71 years old. If you want to read more about the legendary drummer, check out Elmore’s full, in-depth feature on Levon Helm, “Levon Helm: The South’s most charming drummer and his fabled life,” in the March/April issue of Elmore, out in stores now.   

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