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The Doughboys’ Richard X. Heyman Announces New Solo Album

Richard X Heyman new albumRichard X. Heyman may have his hands full with the reunited Doughboys, but that isn’t stopping him from continuing a solo career that’s every bit as worthwhile as his time with his more well-known group. This year, Heyman is releasing X, his tenth solo album, in September on Turn-Up Records.

comes off of the heels of Heyman’s newest Doughboys album, 2012’s Shakin’ Our Souls, but Heyman promises a more direct and intimate kind of songwriting for his latest solo effort. Heyman says that while the album’s title comes from his middle name, it’s also informed by “ex,” or a person with whom one has ended a relationship. This idea comes out on songs like “The Difference Between Us.” Musically, Heyman’s stated inspirations for range from Little Feat to The Kinks, which promises a diverse album with multiple sonic reference points.

To fund the album, Heyman followed in the footsteps of artists like Willie Nile and Amanda Palmer and taking his project to Kickstarter. Fortunately, Heyman was able to get the money to record his album on April 26th. Let’s hope he returns the favor to his fans.

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