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George Jones Biopic In Production

George Jones movieA film chronicling the life of country music icon George Jones is in the early stages of production, according to Billboard. The film, which will be written and co-produced by Dennis L. Baxter and co-produced by Jay and Brian Hoffman, will focus on Jones’ rise to stardom while also chronicling his struggles to overcome a drug and alcohol problem he eventually vanquished.

The film was in development before Jones passed away in April, and Baxter was working closely with Jones and his wife Nancy while writing the script. Nancy said in a statement that she and her husband had been approached multiple times about a biopic, “but it was not until Dennis Baxter got involved that we were confident that the story could be told accurately…knowing that George had input on this film and that it will be told the way he wanted it told.” According to Baxter, George Jones had hoped to see the film himself before it was finished.


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