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Rare Footage of Elvis’ Last Show to be Auctioned

elvis-presley-elton-bossYou can own rare footage of Elvis’ last concert—that is, if you have the money to shell out for it. The more than four-hour collection, which features 17 songs and candid shots of Elvis with his family and friends, will be auctioned in Santa Monica, CA., on July 26-27.

The footage was reportedly shot during Presley’s final tour and was set to run as a CBS special. Elvis Presley Enterprises had kept the footage under lock and key for so long because some scenes show the King at his worst, when he was ill and unstable. However, bootlegged versions of the footage have been around for years.

If you’re planning to buy the footage, you’d better read the fine print that comes with it: The footage cannot be reproduced, broadcast or distributed.

Other items to be auctioned will include Presley’s U.S. Army induction and discharge paperwork, his 1972 Cadillac Custom Estate Wagon and autographs and photographs.

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