Aaron Neville – New York Society For Ethical Culture (New York, NY)

Aaron Neville live show reviewsWith chart topping hits like “Everybody Plays a Fool” and “Tell It Like It Is,” Grammy Award winner Aaron Neville continues to hold his place as the King of Louisiana.

This time around, Aaron was accompanied by his brother, Charles “The Horn Man” Neville on sax, multi-talented drummer Earl Smith Jr, as well as Eric Struthers (guitar), David C. Johnson (bass) and Michael Goods (keyboard). Aaron’s smooth voice took fans on a soulful voyage down memory lane. With songs like “Peggy Lee’s Fever,” “Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds” as well as classics such as “Angola Bound,” the crowd couldn’t help but sing along.  He also graced the crowd by performing “Work With Me Annie” from his latest doo-wop album My True Story.

Aaron and his band then decided to funk it up a bit and show us New Yorkers how to party New Orleans-style. The band incorporated everything from a cowbell to the xylophone; heck, Aaron even brought a tambourine to the celebration!

His rendition of “Down by the River Side” and “When the Saints Go Marching In” turned the concert hall into an all-out Mardi Gras party that had the crowd literally dancing in the aisles.

All in all Aaron Neville is a must see! From ballads to doo-wop to soul to funk, Aaron’s vocal prowess proves that he is here to stay!

– Whitney Forbes

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