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Portugal. The Man Premiere Video for “Modern Jesus”

440307623_640Portugal. The Man just premiered their new video for “Modern Jesus,” from the recently released Evil Friends. In his review of Evil Friends, Elmore writer Dylan Brown said, “It’s Portugal. The Man’s psychedelic passions that paint the album into the colorful work of pop art it is.”

AG Rojas, who also directed Jack White’s “Sixteen Saltines” video, directed the clip, which features a variety of images that include Confederate flags, pit bulls, a boy boxing, a man shooting a gun, a girl twerking, people violently fighting, boys praying in church and scenes of wildlife and factories, among other things. You can check out the video for “Modern Jesus” and read the rest of Brown’s review in the September/October issue of Elmore, which will be out in stores soon. 

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