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Rare New Order, Joy Division Tapes For Sale

unknown_pleasuresIf you’re a collector who’s looking for rare New Order and Joy Division tapes, then today’s your lucky day. Julia Adamson, head of record label Invisible Girl, former member of the Fall and assistant to producer Martin Hannett, said she “rescued” a collection of rare tapes recorded by Hannett and has been in possession of them for years.

According to a post she made on Facebook, Adamson offered the tapes to members of the recorded bands first, but it didn’t end well. “I have looked after these tapes for a long time, and when I approached the artists (who were my first port of call), I was subjected to accusations and abuse … so I don’t really care anymore,” Adamson said in a post.

She’s now looking for a collector who will purchase the nearly 30 tapes, which include an original copy of Joy Division’s debut album Unknown Pleasures. “The quality of Unknown Pleasures far surpasses the mastering from vinyl over the year (they lost the master tapes long ago … these are copy masters … and outtakes … that I assure you are quite splendid).”

The collection also includes rare tapes from bands like the Furs, Magazine, the Names, the Durutti Column, Slaughter and the Dogs and more. “Probably one of the reasons these tapes are in my hands in the first place, they were incalculably valuable and needed to be rescued from a skip,” said Adamson.

On Facebook, she said anyone interested in getting their hands on the rarities can contact her. “I am keen for a collector to have them (the whole collection, ideally) as they are very old and probably deteriorating and should be baked or whatever, nor do I really want to look after them anymore.” 

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