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Joan Jett Premieres Video for “Any Weather”

Joan5If you had any doubt in your mind about whether Joan Jett is still as badass as she was in the ’80s, then just check out her new video for “Any Weather.” Jett and the Blackhearts rock out in front of backdrop that shows dolphins, waves, fires, explosions and more. In the song, Jett optimistically sings, “We can stay together through any weather” as director Kevin Kerslake used a fancy new camera technique to create dramatic split-screen visuals.

“My camera crew and I ripped apart two state-of-the-art cameras, exposing their guts and effectively turning them into 21st century versions of crude, antiquated devices,” Kerslake said. “They were the digital filmic equivalent of two cans and a piece of string.”

“Any Weather” comes from Jett’s latest album, Unvarnished, which was released last month. You can watch “Any Weather” below. 

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