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Uncle Tupelo’s ‘No Depression’ To Be Reissued With Rare Demo Tape

Uncle Tupelo No Depression reissueIn their short time together, Uncle Tupelo laid the groundwork for a new take on roots, country, and Americana while spinning off into two excellent bands (Wilco and Son Volt). Their small back catalog has already been the subject of a few expansive re-issues, but an upcoming re-release of their debut No Depression contains some of the earliest, rarest recordings of Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar’s formative years.

No Depression: Legacy Edition contains some of the band’s earliest recordings, including Not Forever, Just For Now, a 10-song demo of the original trio of Tweedy, Farrar, and Mike Heidorn playing looser, rougher takes of the songs that would eventually make their debut album. The tape’s version of the Tupelo classic “I Got Drunk”-complete with a breakneck acoustic intro just before the guitars kick in-is available to stream right now. You can listen to it here.

No Depression: Legacy Edition is due out on January 28th on Sony/Legacy.

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