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Stan Getz Quartet – Live At Montreux 1972 (Eagle Records)




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Stan Getz Live At MontreuxA departure from the Bossa Nova style that made him famous, Stan Getz and his Quartet fly on this live date at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1972. In an exploration of fusion, Getz is able to capture a new-found style while still maintaining his own stylistic integrity. A group of this caliber, featuring the likes of Stanley Clarke, Tony Williams, and Chick Corea, is undoubtedly an example of high quality musicianship and is sure to capture any serious listener’s attention.

The first track, “Captain Marvel”, shows Getz’s cool lyricism found on his classic Bossa recordings, but going in a very different direction. The saxophonist’s simplicity of phrasing and harmony is in direct contrast to Corea’s complex approach, but a mutual respect shines through and allows the band to work. A re-harmonized version of the standard “Lush Life” appears in the middle of the concert, and really shows what Getz is trying to do musically- which is to inject the restlessness of electric jazz into his trademark stubbornness in adhering to those principles that made modern jazz so great. The concert finishes up with a long, exciting rendition of “Time’s Lie” in which the group’s musical elasticity is on full display with every musician getting his fair chance to tug on that creative fabric a little bit.

This is an incredibly refreshing experience where we get to hear Getz dive into uncharted waters with a remarkable band. Really, anything by an artist with the nickname “The Sound” is probably worth listening to.

– Charley Raiff

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