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Exclusive: “Always With Me,” New Music Video by Kevin Presbrey

Kevin Presbrey 2Kevin Presbrey, the former front man of modern rock group Painkiller Hotel, is going back to his acoustic roots in his solo debut album Dust Unto Dust. The Chicago-based musician’s EP is delightfully uncomplicated, twangy, and evocative. After losing his father in 2012, Presbrey was influenced by his collection of old vinyls and the therapeutic benefits of songwriting to produce an Americana album with an old-school sound.  “His passing was a tragic event that abruptly changed my life,” said Presbrey. “But in the end, the silver lining was the inspiration he gave me to create this album.”  Alongside heartache, Presbrey can also attribute his latest musical accomplishment to producer Ryan Hadlock and drummer Danny Pratt, who is seen performing at his side with an equally-organic style.

The video for “Always With Me” shares this convalescent approach; a sepia-toned celebration of family, friends, melody, and mid-western scenery. Presbrey’s soulful vocals and optimistic perspective make the video engaging and uplifting.

You can watch the video for “Always With Me” below, exclusively on Elmore.

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