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Exclusive: Check Out “Laziest Gal in Town,” the New Video From Carsie Blanton

Carsie BlantonCarsie Blanton, the witty singer/songwriter now based in New Orleans, makes her return with Not Old, Not New, a jazz influenced album inspired by and featuring songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Lady Day and Nina Simone, among others. Carsie Blanton’s music has long been matched by her soft voice, showcasing a sultry vocal range reminiscent of early jazz artists from the 20th century. “Laziest Gal in Town,” originally written by Cole Porter to be sing by Marlene Dietrich for a Hitchcock film, accomplishes just that — her voice trembling over lyrics like, “My poor heart is achin’/to bring home some bacon/but if I find myself alone and forsaken.” Blanton’s voice, though sung almost gently as a whisper, does not intend to sound lazy, and instead lends a wonderful dramatic emphasis on the words.

The simplicity of the original is maintained, and the video does not fall short in it’s direction. The lyrics stand at the forefront, which is why the video does not need to compete to keep it interesting. Named the “young lioness” in an interview with ClassicaliteBlanton is seen enjoying herself, represented as a woman out on the town, enjoying an evening with friends and drinks kept close. She is even put to work by the end of the video, cleaning shrimp and preparing a meal in a sunshine laden kitchen before heading off into the street, high-heeled shoes in hand. Fluttering notes paired with engimatic lyrics, Blanton’s latest video is surely not one to miss.

You can check out the video for “Laziest Gal in Town” below, exclusively through Elmore Magazine.

– Samantha M. Lopez

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