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Exclusive: Check Out a New Track from New American Farmers Featuring Chuck Prophet

New American Farmers, Farmacology Sessions

Blues-rock licks laden with vintage reverb and tremolo. A swampy southern sound despite Bay Area roots. An easygoing shuffle rhythm that feels as if it could groove on into eternity. While these things should certainly make you think of Creedence Clearwater Revival, they should also bring to mind New American Farmers.

Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto have been making music – everything from blues to folk to bluegrass and everything else you might call Americana – since meeting at a record store in 1997, although The Farmacology Sessions, due out October 14, is just their second album as New American Farmers. “We’re about the songs, and planting them wherever we can,” Knowles said of the Farmers. “Maybe they’ll grow, maybe they won’t, but we’re not going to throw in a bunch of trendy additives to convince you that what we do has value. If you want to drop in and soak up the vibe, you’re more than welcome. If you think we’re too old, we don’t care.” That tells you much of what you need to know about the Farmers and the nine songs that make up The Farmacology Sessions.

Perhaps more than any other song on the album, “Aiming for the Daylight” captures the Farmers’ signature Americana groove. Veteran guitarist Chuck Prophet lent his talents to create the song’s unforgettable yet seemingly effortless hook. “Chuck had the perfect riff for this song the moment he had his telecaster unpacked,” Knowles said. While we await the album release, the Farmers will be playing live in the Bay Area. And for those not out west, you can check out “Aiming for the Daylight” below, exclusively through Elmore.

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