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Marianne Faithfull Reveals Connection To Jim Morrison’s Death

Marianne Faithfull Jim MorrisonIn an interview with Mojo, Marianne Faithfull revealed her connection to the death of Jim Morrison, saying that her ex-boyfriend was the man who supplied the Doors frontman with a lethal dose of heroin. Faithull also expressed sympathy for the late Amy Winehouse in the interview.

In the interview (via Rolling Stone), Faithfull described the day when her then-boyfriend, Jean de Breteuil, went to visit Morrison. According to Faithfull, she was supposed to go with Breteuil to see Morrison, but a foreboding feeling kept her at home. “I mean, I’m sure it was an accident,” Faithfull said. “Poor bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah, and he died.” While Faithfull says that the incident was an accident, she doesn’t mince words with exactly what Breteuil did: “He went to see Jim Morrison and killed him.”

Faithfull also took the time to touch on the death of Amy Winehouse, another member of the infamous “27 Club” along with Jim Morrison. Faithfull described being “appalled” at Winehouse’s death and opened up about their interactions with one another. “Amy was very, very wary of me,” she said. “There’s a level of narcissism that is all mixed up with self-hatred. I know it well.”

Faithfull is set to release a new album, Give My Love To London, in September.

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