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White Fence – For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City Records)




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White Fence For The Recently Found InnocentSomehow, Tim Presley, A.K.A White Fence, has recorded an album that is simultaneously perfectly retro and current; pop and psychedelic. It’s hard to include all of these features on a single record and master each one, but Presley found a way on For The Recently Found Innocent.

Presley, who famously records in his bedroom, made his way into a proper recording studio (with fellow psych rocker Ty Segall in tow for producing and drumming duties) for this album. The end result is a collection of finely textured, complex recordings that at times sound like cuts fromThe Village Green Preservation Society, S.F. Sorrow, and Forever Changes.

While the echoes of ‘60s psychedelia are easily heard throughout the record, all of the songs sound surprisingly fresh. For instance, “Wolf Gets Red Faced” features jangly and reverb heavy guitars and harmonies that are reminiscent of The Small Faces while the thumping drumbeat brings to mind groups like The Black Keys.

Musically, the entire album is nothing but juicy, catchy pop-rock songs filtered through a hallucinogenic lens. One major example of this would be the hook filled “Like That.” From the driving rhythm, Beatles-esque falsetto vocals, and pleasing melody to the shimmering, paisley production, “Like That” is addictive for any lover of a finely crafted pop song.

An album as impressive as this would be hard to top. Luckily, Presley doesn’t appear to be running out of steam or ideas anytime soon.

– Keith Hadad

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