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Bob Dylan’s Lyrics To Be Published In 13-Pound Book

Bob Dylan lyric bookIf you were to put every lyric that Bob Dylan ever wrote into a book, how long would that book be? As it turns out, it would be 960 pages long and weigh 13 pounds. That’s according to the publishing company Simon & Schuster, who are undertaking the mammoth task of compiling all of Dylan’s lyrics into one very big book. The Lyrics: Since 1962 is expected to hit stores in a limited printing this November.

Dylan’s work has been published before in the book Lyrics: 1962-2001, but editor Christopher Ricks tells The New York Times that the new book will be more than just an update. Ricks and co-editors Lisa and Julie Nemrow also wrote introductions to each song that ponder the philosophical meanings of Dylan’s words. The editors also sought down every lyric they could get in order to make the book a complete experience, so alternate versions of songs are included in the book, as well. The original cover art for each album has also been reproduced in the book.

A limited printing of 3,500 copies will be made available for purchase in stores for around $200, and that’s the cheaper of the two editions. A numbered printing of 50 copies of the book will be signed by Dylan himself and sold for $5,000.

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