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Listen To An Early Version Of The Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane”

Song Appears On The Upcoming Reissue Of The Band's Self-Titled Third Album

The Velvet Underground, the self-titled third album from Lou Reed’s seminal band, is getting reissued in a massive six-disc set in honor of the 45th anniversary of its release. The collection includes three different mixes of the album and a live recording from a 1969 show in San Francisco, and an album’s worth of unreleased material dubbed The 1969 Sessions. There’s plenty for die-hard Reed and VU fans to love, including alternate versions of songs that Reed eventually re-recorded for his solo albums or on Loaded, his final album with The Velvets. Now, Rolling Stone has unearthed one of those unreleased songs, a live recording of “Sweet Jane.” The song sounds quite different from the version that would eventually appear on Loaded, featuring different lyrics and a bridge that was eventually cut from the commercial release. You can listen to the song below:

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