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Exclusive: Watch The New Video From Singer/Songwriter Rob Drabkin

Rob Drabkin has been taking the jam band world by storm with his new album Little Steps, but the album is more multi-faceted than the “jam band” signifier would indicate. Drabkin has a softer side in the mold of a traditional singer/songwriter, as his aching song “Hope In A Hopeless World” shows. The video for the song keeps in Drabkin’s original spirit with a creative twist. “I always imagined singing this song to a child in a rural life who had just experienced a trauma or dark times,” Drabkin says of the song, and the video finds him doing just that with a young girl and the cloud that follows her. It’s imaginative in the vein of a Roald Dahl novel, and it fits Drabkin’s song perfectly.

You can watch the video for “Hope In A Hopeless World” below:

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