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The Doors – Feast Of Friends

(Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Doors_Feast_Of_Friends_DVD_cover_lrWARNING: DOORS FETISHISTS ONLY! DOORS FETISHISTS ONLY! We can call it 60’s cinema verite, but Feast Of Friends shows what really happens is all that 60’s heaviness comes crashing down to its inevitable noir, as an affected Morrison and stoned-yet-determined Manzarek, Kreiger and Densmore stumble through the chaos on the road in ’68.

Filmed by fellow film grad Paul Ferrara and funded by the Doors, Feast of Friends has not seen the light outside of collectors and bootleggers circles…until now. And maybe that’s all for the good and maybe not, as this flighty, scattered-image bio neither puffs up nor punctures the band’s overwrought reputation. Watch the Doors play poker, climb a rock, ride in cars, perform. If leaving the audience puzzled is what the band hoped to do, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Bonus material for general intake includes The Doors Are Open, a ’68 British TV doc which tries to make the case of the Doors as a hugely political band, which they were not. Morrison’s politics were based wholly on Morrison and the band let the music tell their tale.

A ’67 Canadian performance of The End, which fans and collectors argue is one of the band’s best performances, fleshes out this often excessive, sometimes important, release.

– Mike Jurkovic

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